SKU# H-2505

The 2- or 3-way valve, manufactured by Mac Valves, sold and distributed by The Ranco.com Parts Store, is a solenoid valve commonly used in air systems. It is considered a 2- or 3-way valve due to its multiple ports and fitting style. It is commonly used for the dump solenoid on a SmithCO Side dump trailer, and since this is a 2- or 3-way valve, it is a multipurpose valve that can be utilized in different scenarios on a trailer. Solenoid valves are most commonly used in either hydraulic fluid or pneumatic systems and can come with either spool or poppet configurations. Ensure this SKU fits your trailer’s model before ordering to confirm proper fitting. Be sure to also check out the rest of The Ranco.com Parts Store today to find all the essential components and parts you need for any trailer project, no matter how small or large!

Made by MAC Valves, these replacement way valves fit only a SmithCO Side Dump Trailer.

2-POSITION VALVES: Some MAC valves are 2-position, 4-way valves. When air is supplied to the inlet port(s) of these valves, there will always be a path from the inlet to one of the outlets regardless of which of the two positions the valve is situated. Therefore, if pressurized air retained in the system would present a hazard in the application or servicing of the valve or system, a separate method in the system must be provided to remove the trapped air.

3- POSITION VALVES: Some MAC valves are 3-position, 4-way valves. These valves are either double solenoid or double remote air operated. If either of the two operators is in control, air supplied to the inlet port(s) will pass through the valve to one of the outlets as on 2-position, 4-way valves. However, if neither operator is in control, the valve moves to a center position.

Operational Benefits:

  • Balanced poppet, immune to variations of pressure.
  • Short stroke with high flow.
  • The patented solenoid develops high shifting forces.
  • Powerful return spring.
  • Manual operator standard on all valves.
  • Burn-out proof solenoid on AC service.


  • 12 VDC
  • 4 watts
  • 1/8" ports (3)
More Information
Color Black / Blue
Box Size 6"X6"X6"
Country of Origin USA
Finish Matte
Material Aluminum
Package Quantity 1
Connections 1/8" ports (3)
Duty 12V Continuous duty solenoid
Flow C N/A
Flow Rating N/A
Function Solenoid valve commonly used in air systems.
Operating Temperature Range N/A
Operation We commonly use it for the dump solenoid on a Smithco Side dump trailer.
Power 12V DC
Pressure N/A
Product Line Mac Valves
Replacement Parts N/A
Voltage 5.4 watts
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