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The OEM Adjustable Muffler (SKU: SCM-2) is a muffler component that works with the 243-7113 gate valve. This replacement muffler part is adjustable and made to control the lifting movements of gates and lift doors with ease. Having a well-functioning muffler is essential for keeping your commercial trailer’s exhaust system clean. If your dump trailer’s lift gate is beginning to act up, you know it’s time to order a replacement OEM adjustable muffler part, just like this one. Be sure to confirm your trailer has the 243-7113 gate valve for proper fitting. Shop today!

The adjustable muffler is for the ED7021 gate valve. If it gets clogged it will quit exhausting air causing the lift gate to act up. It's adjustable and exhausts the air pressure from the system out to allow the lift door to lower back down to be locked.

When needed, the speed of the tool that utilizes the adjustable muffler may be decreased or increased with the adjusting bolt. The final position is then locked in place by the lock nut. If your trailer needs a new adjustable muffler, order this part today. Don’t forget to check out all other available muffler products from tons of different brands for your next repair or upgrade on our site as well. Shop other commercial trailer parts today!


  • Adjustable to control how fast the lift gate lowers
  • Uses a nut and flat head set pin to adjust the exhaust pressure
  • Screws onto the 243-7113 valve
  • 1/4" NPT
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