SKU# S20002

This Hendrickson Shock Absorber (SKU: 20002) is one of the commercial trailer industry’s leading suspension components. This shock absorber replacement part gives you a far more comfortable ride and gets you to where you need to go safely. In addition, when you buy a Hendrickson part, you can expect greater dampening, control, and durability, regardless of the part number. If your dump trailer needs new shock absorbers, or any other suspension system parts, make The Parts Store your first stop. Be sure to check out all other available products for your project or repair too!

Shocks are used on every suspension system out there. As the suspension actuates and goes over bumps, the shocks absorb the impact to keep the suspension from continually bouncing up and down as you’re going down the road. Shock absorbers there to make your trailer ride more efficient and more comfortable.

The primary function of the shock absorber in a commercial trailer is to keep the tires in constant contact with the road. Shock absorbers vary in quality greatly, which do directly affect whether your shocks are helping to provide optimum grip when cornering and braking. That’s why it’s best to order only the best of the best from Hendrickson. Shock absorbers are an integral component of the suspension system, so if the absorbers have wear, the dump trailer’s comfort and ride is compromised.

Hendrickson Shock Absorbers are designed to:

  • Optimize ride control, comfort, and provide enhanced system durability
  • Offer robust quality and functionality
  • Improve braking and component service life
  • Provide greater dampening characteristics with the use of large bore shocks to improve ride and cargo protection
  • Harness hydraulic dampening benefits to deliver advanced ride and comfort


  • Compressed Length: 11.990"
  • Dust Shield: Yes
  • Extended Length: 17.750"
  • Travel Length: 5.760"


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