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SKU# F26-04-000

The Particulate Filter manufactured by Wilkerson Corporation (SKU:F26-04-000) is a filtration part for your trailer’s air system. Many commercial trailer repair shops use Wilkerson air filters for all their trailers due to their high reliability, durability, and ability to filter out dirt, rust, and dust from the trailer’s system. This quality filtration allows for your trailer’s air system to operate at peak capacity without worrying about blockages or other particulates getting trapped. With the peace of mind of having a Wilkerson particulate filter, you can rest assured your air system will operate at its highest level, so you never have to wondering if any damage to your cylinders or valves is occurring. Shop other Wilkerson parts, or other filters on the Ranco Parts Store website today!

Keep dirt, dust, rust and debris out of your trailer’s air filtration system with this top-rated Wilkerson particulate filter! Boasting a rugged and durable design, this filter will keep out harmful particulates that could otherwise destroy or damage the cylinders and valves of your construction trailer’s system. The ½” ports make setup simple and straightforward. This piece is one part of the full Wilkerson air system lubrication kit but can be purchased alone if the entire kit isn’t needed. Put this 5 micron rated, durable metal and plastic, manual drain particulate filter to work for you today. You can trust all products made by Wilkerson and can equally trust all inventory coming from the online Ranco Parts Store as well. Order every part you need from one easy place.

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