SKU# VXX-4523-U-359-D012


This Gate Valve manufactured by Versa Valves (SKU: VXX-4523-U-359-D012) is a reliable and safe solution for bottom dump trailers. This solenoid enabled valve allows for remote operation of the bottom dump gates, but also incorporates a manual handle for those that prefer a manual method. This Solenoid-Pilot Spring Centering gate valve also utilizes the infinite control feature using the ez adapter and has a four-way pneumatic functional type. Choose Versa gate valves for all your commercial and construction bottom dump trailer needs. Order today!

This Versa Gate Valve will allow you to operate your bottom dump gate either manually or remotely using electric solenoid technology. Combine with an ez adapter, this v-series valve is capable of infinite control of your trailer’s gate movement. It allows the bottom dump gate to be jogged incrementally when opening and has a four-way structure for optimal manipulation. It also has ½” NPT ports that allow for easy installation and consistency with existing systems as well. Purchase this replacement gate valve with confidence knowing it’s durability and reliability is proven and guaranteed by the well-known manufacturer, Versa Vales. Don’t forget to shop other valves or gate parts from our website to order every type of part you need for your trailer maintenance.

    Part Specifications:
  • V-Series Valve part
  • Pneumatic functionality
  • Solenoid-Pilot Spring Centering
  • Four-Way
  • 1/2" Body Size
  • Sideported-Internal Pilot
  • Three Position
  • Center: All Ports Blocked

    Manufacturer’s Warranty: Versa’s Series products are warranted to be free from defective material and workmanship for a period of ten years from the date of manufacture, provided said products are used in accordance with Versa specifications. Versa’s liability pursuant to that warranty is limited to the replacement of the Versa product proved to be defective provided the allegedly defective product is returned to Versa or its authorized distributor. Versa provides no other warranties, expressed or implied, except as stated above. There are no implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Versa’s liability for breach of warranty as herein stated is the only and exclusive remedy and in no event shall Versa be responsible or liable for incidental or consequential damages.

More Information
Box Size 14"x6"x4"
Country of Origin USA
Finish Matte
Material Brass/Aluminum
Package Quantity 1
Connections 1/2" NPT
Duty x2 12V Continuous duty coil
Flow C N/A
Flow Rating N/A
Function This valve is commonly used on the Ranco bottom dumps to operate the gates.
Operating Temperature Range N/A
Operation It has a manual handle function as well as a solenoid to activate the valve via a switch in the cab for remote dump operation. Uses solenoids for remote operation (2) for infinite control
Power 12V DC
Pressure 150-200 PSI
Product Line Versa Valves
Replacement Parts P-1002-02-D012 (NEW COIL)
Voltage 12V

Trouble Free Series “V” Bottom Dump Control Valves

Trouble free for years despite exposure to heat, cold, dirt and vibration. Used as a “Bottom dump” valve for hopper control on bottom dump trailers or railroad coal cars.

  • Standard “Bottom Dump” operation provides both 2 position solenoid control and 3 position manual control in one valve.
  • 1/2 inch NPT full flow construction.
  • Bubble-tight seals provide leak free service for “creep free” hopper control.
  • Withstands impact with thick walled forged brass construction. ‘i Part # * VGK-4533-20B-D012/
  • Prevents contamination from dirt and sand M-450-APN-20M with Versa proven dust proof option keeping solenoid and main valve free from clogging.
  • Solenoid actuators utilize ’solenoid-pilot” design, no coil burn-out due to valve hang up.
  • Main spring is “air spring,” no mechanical spring to break or fail.

Use of “solenoid-pilot” and “air spring” Part # a assure positive shift every time! Quick removal of valve with plug-in solenoid option. Standard ‘0’ ring seals make repair easy! 

•  Economical space saving “in line” version available.

  • 100% factory tested at ISO 9001 certified facility.
  • Supported by established worldwide distributor network.


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