2-1/2" RED LED

SKU# 1824-1R

The Roadmaster 2-1/2” RED LED (SKU: 1824-1R) sold by Ranco Parts is a red LED light that is front runner for all market clearance marker lights, for a great cost. This lamp has LED technology that outlast any incandescent, halogen, or CFL technologies. The Roadmaster 2-1/2” Red LED has 13 led lights inside, all contained within an amber colored housing. When your project or repair needs anything light systems and safety lights check out the rest of Ranco Parts store today and find the perfect part.

Roadmaster and Ranco puts the safety of their drivers first by ensuring you have the highest quality and highest safety parts on the market that we offer. The Roadmaster 2-1/2” Red LED is designated as a clearance marker light. These types of lights are used to enhance the visibility of the vehicle when a driver pulls off the road to chain up during the winter, or do an evaluation of the engine or brake systems to show oncoming traffic the dimensional visuals of the vehicle size and distance to you, so they don’t come close while you’re outside of the vehicle. The Roadmaster 2-1/2” Red LED is a necessary and require part for drivers operating in poor weather conditions and low lighting situations, conditions that create hard to see environments for oncoming drivers, to figure out where you are.


  • DIAMETER: 2 1/2" 
  • GROMMET #: 9780000

Styles of lamps:

SIDE MARKER LAMPS: The lamp is mounted to a vehicle placed as close to the back and front faces of a body or trailer to give additional lighting to the sides, this is a required by law part that helps specify the vehicles overall length. When purchasing and installing a side marker lamps the driver can install additional lamps at different placements on each side of the vehicle.

CLEARANCE LAMPS: The lamp is mounted to a vehicle placed as close to the top left and right sides of a body or trailer to give additional light to two faces of the vehicle to enhance visualization at distances according the law, for both the height and width of the vehicle.

2-1/2" RED LED

Roadmaster's led lights are one of the best lights out there for the cost. They feature led technology that outlasts the halogen bulb technology. This light is red housing with 13 led lights inside of it.

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