This knitted polyethylene mesh tarp is best used on side dump trailers, and specifically Smithco pup trailers at that. The intrinsic design of this lightweight tarp is tear proof, guarantees UV resistance, and blocks out over 70% of light and wind to keep your load of materials safe. (Not optimal for rain or snow protection.) In addition to those benefits, this side dump tarp replacement is manufactured with triple folded reinforced corners/edges to help extend the lifespan of this tarp overall. With dimensions at 12' wide and 23' 11" long, this OEM side dump tarp replacement with the Aero SK2 System is the best of the best when it comes to side dump trailer or pup trailer tarps. Order yours today from the well-known Ranco Parts Store today and get your commercial rig back on the road!


  • Knitted Polyethylene Mesh
  • Light weight - 7 oz. sq/yd
  • Rip Stop (tear proof)
  • Inexpensive
  • UV resistant
  • Blocks 70% of light (30% of the wind blows through it) – great for shade
  • Use this anywhere you don't need protection from the rain – not ideal for rain or snow conditions
  • The breathable material lets the wind blow through the fabric easily, reducing the annoying flapping and tearing that can occur, which quickly destroys tarps.
  • Edges of this tarp is triple folded and reinforced with webbing for the most robust use possible


The Ultimate Mesh Tarp for Side Dump Trailers

For a custom tarp, please call us with the following ready:

-Length of the tub of what the tarp is being used on. (Inside to Inside)

-Width of the tub of what the tarp is being used on (Inside to Inside)

-What kind of trailer it’s being used on: Side dump, Bottom Dump, End Dump

-Material: Mesh, Vinyl, Bolistic. If unsure tell us what you’re hauling and we can point you in the right direction. (Mesh is the most common, breathable material)

-There’s a 2 week lead time on custom tarp orders from order date.

-Custom tarps can be made for Side dump, End Dump, and Belly Dump only.

-Style Of Tarp: Rope Bead W/Pockets, Pocket For Roll Tubes, Ring Inserts (For Bungee Cord Hold Down Applications) ETC.

-NOTE: We can only have custom tarps be made for Side Dumps, End Dumps, and Bottom Dumps! We do not have any custom tarps made for any other application.


-The more information you give us the quicker we can get you a quote and get you a tarp made!

More Information
Length 34
Width 14
Height 18