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SKU# 17523-01

The 3-Port Pilot Valve (SKU: 17523-01) by the Watson Chalin is a push/pull solenoid valve that helps control the drop axles. This products’ intended use is for the control of the drop axle(s) from the suspension systems and has a 3-port structure. This push/pull solenoid part operates by an on/off actuator that generates force in one direction when the solenoid is energized. In return, the force moving in the opposite direction must be generated externally to a spring. The solenoid valve becomes electromagnetic and can act on the spring pressure to cause the spool to rotate the coil which creates the operations to control the drop axles. Order now and be sure to shop more replacement parts from The Ranco Parts Store today!

The 3-Port Pilot Valve part, made by Watson Chalin, connects right to the suspension systems on your commercial trailer for the perfect push/pull system to control your drop axles. It operates by regulating air pressure in the suspension system to allow the drop axle(s) to function. This is a push/pull manual operation component and the installation of the 3-Port Pilot Valve requires wiring the solenoid up to the switch so trailer drivers can use the knob from in the cab of your trailer. Optimize your commercial trailer’s suspension system with this replacement valve.


  • Connections: Uses 1/4" NPT ports
  • Duty:12V Continuous duty solenoid
  • Power: 12V DC

The Ranco Parts Store has the 3-Port Pilot Valve you are seeking in stock today! We want all trailer operators to be confident in their parts and can save time by controlling their suspension systems with this easy to use device. The 3-Port Pilot Valve is made in the USA and manufactured by Watson Chalin, so you know you’re getting the best when ordered from us. Explore other replacement parts for commercial trailers on the online Ranco Parts Store to order everything from one location. Make your maintenance checks easy. Shop today!

More Information
Box Size 8"X6"X6"
Country of Origin USA
Finish Matte
Material Aluminum/Abs Plastic
Package Quantity 1
Connections Uses 1/4" NPT ports
Duty 12V Continuous duty solenoid
Flow C N/A
Flow Rating N/A
Function This valve is commonly used on the suspension systems to control drop axles.
Operating Temperature Range N/A
Operation Regulates air pressure in the suspension system to allow the drop axle(s) to function. Has a manual operation; as well as wiring the solenoid up to a switch for in cab operation.
Power 12V DC
Pressure N/A
Product Line Watson Chalin
Replacement Parts N/A
Voltage 12V DC
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