SKU# 15-720

 The 7-Way Receptacle (SKU: 15-720) manufactured by Phillips and sold by Ranco Parts is an incredible accessory to have when it comes to transferring power from the truck to the trailer it’s connected too. This 7-Way Receptacle replacement part, also referred to as a 7-Way female plug, is commonly used to couple the truck’s wiring to the trailer’s wiring to increase trailer functionality. Once wired correctly, the 7-Way Receptacle part offers direct power to the trailer for ease of use and functionality from the cab.  Be sure to also check out our Ranco Parts 7-Way Junction Box to assist with the wiring to make installation and setup even easier on yourself. Explore the Ranco Parts store further to find other parts you may be looking for today!

This 7-Way Receptacle part is commonly used on the trailer side for transferring 7-way power from the truck to the trailer it's connected too. The wires are connected to the terminals on the plug giving it power to transfer to the trailer when it's plugged in. Little set screws inside the plug secure all the wires to the correct terminals for proper distribution of power to each wire. On the plug, there's an external set screw that clamps down to the insulated bundle of wires holding it in place; and keeps the wires from being pulled out of the terminals from road vibration or debris hitting the insulated bundle of wires.

PLEASE NOTE: Whenever you're swapping one of these plugs out; it's imperative to take a picture of what color wire goes to what terminal in order to make sure it functions correctly once the new plug is wired up. If you're not familiar with how they are wired; the picture will help you wire it up correctly rather than pulling it apart and not knowing what color wire goes to what terminal.

Please refer to this color schema for proper 7-Way Receptacle wiring.

    Wiring a 7-Way Receptacle Part Key:

  • Green: Right turn/brake light
  • Yellow: Left turn/brake light
  • Brown: Tail/running lights
  • White: Ground wire
  • Blue: Brake controller output
  • Black: Battery hot lead
  • Purple: Reverse lights

*Note this is the SAE Standard for wiring, RV Wiring Standard is not showcased. Also, colors may vary, so use a circuit tester to verify connections. *Refer to manufacturer's instructions.

The Ranco Parts Store has the 7-Way Receptacles you’re looking for! We want to make sure you are getting the industry’s best 7-Way female plugs, which is exactly why we carry an array of brands per each part type. We want to make sure to have as many choices as possible so you can find the exact part type and brand you prefer. Explore more products from our Ranco Parts Store by shopping online today!

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