SKU# 1001-861720

This replacement ¾” bore sprocket, made by Aero, is made to allow your trailer’s tarp functionality to work smoothly. A sprocket, like this part, is a simple mechanical wheel with teeth or small notches designed to rotate and engage with like links of a chain or belt. Your sprocket teeth and overall size must be compatible with the thickness and pitch of the connecting part. This SKU #1001-861720 part is ¾” in measurement, so confirm that your trailer’s tarp needs this specific size before ordering. Feel free to give our parts teams a call if you need any fitment assistance.

This Aero little ¾” sprocket replacement part could be the core reason your tarp is not longer working properly. If you own an Aero tarp and are having issue with rolling up and unrolling your tarp, converse with a professional commercial trailer mechanic (if you’re not one yourself) to confirm this is the specific SKU you indeed need to fix your trailer. The sprocket teeth size and overall width must measure up perfectly to your tarps motor and chain in order to connect properly. The little sprocket above mounts to the tarp motor and transfers its torque to the big sprocket via the chain so make sure you browse our large bore sprockets if you need larger ones instead of a small one.

Part Specs:

  • Mounts on the motor
  • Transfers torque from the motor to the big sprocket using the chain
  • 3/4" bore size
  • x1 little sprocket per drive unit
  • 3/16" x 3/16" x 1.625"

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